Cygnea Cantio Rosaries

In addition to creating the custom Rosaries shown here, I'm a member of  Our Lady's Rosary Makers and make Mission Rosaries, to send to international communities in need.

My path towards beginning to create rosaries has been gradual, I just had to become aware of the signs! After my Father's tragic passing in 2008, I began to collect beads, and amassed a collection of thousands, of which I organized with dedication, but never fashioned a single item... until this past summer of 2019, when I returned to the church and decided that I'd like to make my own rosary. Suddenly, all of the beads began to make sense!  I believe that the Rosary was very meaningful devotion to my Great Grandmother and that she would have prayed the rosary often during the thirteen years she raised my Grandfather as a "white widow" in Northeastern Italy. My Grandfather, baptized Dante Giuseppe Rosario Calderan, was born on the first day of the month of Our Lady of the Rosary. My Great Grandfather left for the United States in 1914, when my Grandfather was only four months old. The family wasn't reunited until 1927.