Old Fashioned Farm Crafted Lard Soaps

All soap sale proceeds this year will go towards funding my being able to travel to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, to see my son Connor graduate from USAF Basic Training, and also to travel to visit him at tech school in Biloxi MS, to bring him personal belongings he'll need during his long training to become a Weather Specialist.


Old fashioned, cold process lard soap, from my "soaping with Saints" series, borne of my love of history, theology, inspiring women, and faith. My aesthetic for this year's range of soaps is simple, elegant, fragrant. Lard soaps yield a gentle cleansing action, soft and creamy lather and a bar that is hard and long-lasting. All soaps are hand poured, trimmed, beveled and polished during the curing process. All bars have natural variation in finish and color due to the nature of being handcrafted, and there can be variation from batch to batch.

My soaps are farm-crafted from lard we render on-site, from our own free ranging rare breed Kunekune pigs. Old fashioned lard soap is made through a cold process, using lye, which creates a chemical reaction between the fat, yielding... soap. Contrary to popular belief, lye soap isn't harsh. Soap that is properly cured will not be drying or irritating to the skin. Lard is a fat most similar to the sebum produced by our own skin, making it gentle and suitable for sensitive or dry skin.

Update: 6/26/21 I've been busily soaping, now that I'm recovered from my shoulder surgery. This will be my last year of producing a wide range of lard soaps, as I'm no longer harvesting pigs for USDA cuts. This means that my lard supply has halted.

Soaps require 30 days to cure enough for sale, so their ship dates all differ. I'll hold orders for multiple soaps until ALL soaps are ready for shipment. A batch of soap is 18 bars, so please note all soaps are of a limited nature due to this.

Currently, Maria, Spa Soaps, Rita, Francesca, Dymphna and Lucia are available to ship now.
All other soaps are marked "SHIPS BY (date)". What this means is that in an order with various soaps, your order will ship in one single shipment, after the latest available soap is fully cured.


I also have several new varieties I'll be making, which are not yet announced. These will be one-off batches due to dwindling lard supply.

I've received requests for recipes and to purchase my soap making supplies. I don't give away or sell my recipes, and at this time I'm keeping my supplies so that I can make a small batch here or there should I have enough lard. Thank you for your interest.