OLRM Mission Rosaries

As a member of Our Lady's Rosary Makers, I craft Mission Rosaries, which I send back to OLRM and they then distribute them as needed, all around the world.

These are made with materials specifically for mission rosaries, from OLRM. They are meant to be lightweight, due to shipping costs to other countries. The goal isn't to make valuable Rosaries, it's to make lightweight and functional ones that serve a need in the areas they are shipped.

The plastic and cord Rosaries are low cost to make and ship, and should one be lost or broken, easily replaced- unlike more valuable Rosaries made from heavier or costlier materials. I order all of my materials from OLRM, often using proceeds from the sales of my custom Rosaries.

If you're interested in making Mission Rosaries, or becoming a member of Our Lady's Rosary Makers, I'd be happy to answer any questions! Check out the OLRM Facebook page to see where some of the member's Rosaries end up.

There's stories of truly incredible Rosary makers, and Rosary Guilds, that have fashioned thousands of Rosaries. These amazing humans are such an inspiration to me. I hope to one day be a part of a Rosary-making Guild.