Tulip Poplar Blossom Jelly - 4 oz
Corva Bella Farm

Tulip Poplar Blossom Jelly - 4 oz

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The air is heavy with the sweet fragrance of tulip poplar blossom nectar, one of Spring's early foods for honeybees. High in the treetops, thousands of fragrant blossoms reach for the sun. Tulip poplars are actually not poplars at all, but are in the same family as Magnolias. Their vibrant green and orange blossoms form cups that fill with dew and nectar. If you have low-lying branches, take a sip from one after rainfall.

This jelly is delicately floral fragranced, with green and balsamic notes.

I only make one batch per year, so this is a limited availability, seasonal product!

Made from flowers gathered on our farm, water, sugar, pectin, lemon juice.

4 oz