Old Fashioned Farm Crafted Lard Soaps

12/26/21 - All soaps are completely sold out at this time. Thank you for your overwhelming support in this year's soap sales! It's possible that I may be able to make an occasional few batches of soap in the future depending on supplies of lard from personal harvests, but at this time all lard supplies are completely extinguished. If I'm able to make more batches in the future, I likely will make the sold out varieties shown here.


Old fashioned, cold process lard soap, from my "soaping with Saints" series, borne of my love of history, theology, inspiring women, and faith. My aesthetic for this year's range of soaps is simple, elegant, fragrant. Lard soaps yield a gentle cleansing action, soft and creamy lather and a bar that is hard and long-lasting. All soaps are hand poured, trimmed, beveled and polished during the curing process. All bars have natural variation in finish and color due to the nature of being handcrafted, and there can be variation from batch to batch.

My soaps are farm-crafted from lard we render on-site, from our own free ranging rare breed Kunekune pigs. Old fashioned lard soap is made through a cold process, using lye, which creates a chemical reaction between the fat, yielding... soap. Contrary to popular belief, lye soap isn't harsh. Soap that is properly cured will not be drying or irritating to the skin. Lard is a fat most similar to the sebum produced by our own skin, making it gentle and suitable for sensitive or dry skin.